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About Us

With over 20 years experience in Holistic, Nutritional and Medicinal Herbal Practice, Tori opened her Wellness Centre in May 2004 and has grown to become a unique centre for wellbeing, offering a rage of holistic, complementary therapies & beauty treatments.

 Injury recovery & prevention, nutritional support including weight loss and healthy eating programmes designed around each individual.





Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported amazing results.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.  It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


Holistic Health




Reflexology is a very individual treatment which is tailored to you as a whole person, taking into account both physical and       

non-physical factors that might be affecting your wellbeing. 

The theory is that reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally. Usually, after a treatment your tension may be reduced and you might feel relaxed. You might also notice yourself sleeping better and find your mood and sense of wellbeing improving. You may also find that other aspects improve too; however, this happens on an individual basis.

Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe.



From £31-50

Massage treats the body to help with  pain or discomfort caused by an injury, stress or an ongoing condition. 

It enables the body to heal, de-stress and relax through a series of movements and techniques designed to stretch and clam the tension within the muscles causing the pain, or to aid the relaxation process. During your treatment Infer-red heat is sometimes applied if needed.


Aqua-Detox FootSpa


Aqua Detox is performed by placing your feet into a specially-designed salt water detox footspa which contains an electrical device that passes bio-energetic energy around your body.

Over the course of a half-hour treatment this energy gently resonates to every cell as the blood does a complete circuit of the body, helping the cells to offload toxins and take up fresh oxygen, nutrition and hydration.

The toxins are carried out through the pores of the soles of the feet.


After detoxing, people often report that their symptoms have improved as the toxic load that caused them is removed.

Energy levels increase

Feeling revitalised.

It is beneficial in cases of skin conditions such as  Psoriasis

Circulation including lymphoedema, chronic fatigue syndrome,




Sound Therapy


(available as a group session up to 4 people £30 each)

Healing Properties of Crystal Singing Bowls

The ancient civilizations of India, Africa, Europe and the Orient have used sound and music as powerful healers for thousands of years. Our ancestors believed that the sacred vibrational sound can adjust any imbalance affecting our physical or emotional well-being. Based on this concept, crystal sound therapy is believed to balance your chakra and re-energize your auric field.

Each crystal singing bowl is tuned to a particular sound that resonates with a specific chakra. These bowls are also pleasing to look at and pleasant to listen to. They are used in sound healing, yoga, crystal cleansing and specially used at the beginning and end of meditation. Some experienced practitioners believe that crystal singing bowls, when played in the right way, can produce the most calming and healing sounds.

A famous oncologist, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, used crystal singing bowl therapy on his patients to minimize and relieve pain without medication. His studies have claimed that sound healing therapy helps to create natural inner harmony in the body.

Crystal singing bowls are powerful tools to help enhance your mood and soothe your soul. 


Chakra Balancing/Crystal Healing


What is chakra balancing?

The chakra system is vitally important in helping us to stay physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. However, given today’s stressful lifestyles, it’s easy for the chakras to get out of balance.

The chakras are energy vortices, which take universal energy and transmuted into a form that the body and mind can use.

Although we appear to be material in nature, our bodies are energetic systems that need to stay in balance for optimal functioning.

The chakras play a vital role in this process, and there are seven major primary chakras – the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras. It is these seven chakras that most chakra balancing techniques focus on.

Our first and most focal chakra is the one on the base of the spine (Root Chakra) It enables us to interface with nature and to feel grounded. The spirit chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) gives us our intuition instinct, or gut feeling. Our feelings originate from this chakra.

The chakra at our heart fills us with graciousness and associates us to the more significant vitality focus. The chakra at the throat enables us to talk, and the one on our brow interfaces us to reality. Our objectivity originates from our crown chakra at the very top of our head.


What is a Holistic Doctor?

Holistic doctors believe in the principles of holistic medicine meaning that the mind, body, soul, and emotions, are interconnected.

They tend to

apply alternative/complementary and conventional methods which encourage and treat the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health to ensure an overall balance in the body resulting in a patient’s overall health.

For instance, rather than just give

you pills for ongoing headaches that treat the pain, they may explore your diet, exercise, stress levels and a variety of mind/body factors that could be creating the headaches.

In other words, they don’t just treat the symptoms, they find and treat the root causes, for this they will use a variety of Holistic, Naturopathic and Nutritional Therapies specifically suited to your body/mind & soul’s needs.

Consultation 1hr 30mins  -    £150.00

(25% off your course of 4 treatments after your initial consultation)


Energy Healing

Course of 4 Sessions £100-00

Single Session £30-00


Energy healing is a type of therapy that manipulates our physical energy circuits to help facilitate our body's healing mechanisms. This holistic approach is excellent for assisting in the healing process by unblocking our energy fields and helps to ward off future problems by identifying issues before they turn into pain in our physical body.

Other benefits include the following:

-Discovering a non-temporal view of conscious experience and regression;

-Discovering karmic and past lives influences;

-Uncovering a holographic view of regression;

-Clearing bad karma;

-Releasing from the experiences which hold us back;

-Rewriting our soul contracts;

-Understanding our reactions to locations;

-Discovering our soul mates and soul group;

-Exploring our connections to people and places;

-Clearing birth trauma;

healing trauma;

-Learning more about ourselves and the person we truly are;

-Changing emotional problems.

Card Readings
£25-00 1 hour

Tori uses Oracle Cards for her readings.

You choose the cards you would like for your reading, which makes it more personal.


Everyone is different, and Tori offers that different approach to loosing weight, improving your health, changing your diet and overcoming eating issues.

Initial Consultation £150-00

12 Week Nutritional Therapy Programme £585-00

3 Nutritional Therapy Sessions £199-00

Additional Sessions £45-00




AMN  Fundamentals

From £15-00


Applied Movement Neurology, working wonders for your body great for helping with Joint pain, muscle soreness and improving flexibility. AMN is one of the most advanced pain management therapies.

Through a series of muscle movements and applied pressure to trigger points on the body pain can be alleviated.

Tori is a member of the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies and The Beauty Guild of Holistic Therapists and has full Insurance cover for treatments, products and public liability with Balens Insurance


Tori’s Pure Health

Mind  Body  Spirit

Food Intolerance Testing


Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Training
Super Health Food

 Health Tests
Why is it important to have a test?
Our health is influenced by many 
factors including our age, lifestyle, 
family history and diet. 
These Health Tests will help 
you identify if there are 
risks that might be affecting your 
health and provide diet and 
lifestyle advice.
These Health Tests provides 
results for many key health markers from 
just one finger-prick blood sample, 
allowing you to take 
control of your health and wellbeing.

Tests available:

  • Food & Environmental Allergies

  • Inflammation

  • Female Hormones

  • Male Hormones

  • Menopause

  • Stress

  • Thyroid

  • Essential Health Check

Personal Health Tests 

From £75-00

Clients reviews

I am an Ex-elite level cyclist, and have struggled to make a comeback due to injuries and restricted range of movement through my joints, never thinking that anyone could help I came across Tori, who talked to me about AMN which I had never heard of and described how it could improve my flexibility and ease my joint pain.

The first session I was sceptical but I was willing to try this treatment.

I was amazed after just one session though painful I felt better, my range of motion has improved from where it was and the pain eased.

After a few more sessions I am please to say I am back cycling and entering races that I never thought I'd do again.

Thank you Tori for all your help.

I bought one of Tori's tea blends for a family member that had been struggling with a health condition that prescribed medicine wasn't helping, the tea has been amazing and reduces the symptoms that they have and it must be the tea as if they don't have it one day then the symptoms increase, I would recommend to anyone to try one of Tori's tea blends! Thanks Tori

Fantastic Massage today, I feel so chilled and relaxed. Thank you Tori

The Secret Hippy Pagan

This is an alternative, unique shop that offers healing, spiritual and decorative items for you and your home.

Established in July 2020 by Tori your neighbourhood Witch

Herbal Teas, Bath Blends & Oil Blends

Customised Herbal Teas, Medicinal Herbal Preparations, Bath Blends, Body Butters/Creams and Oil Blends that are hand blended to your requirements.


For more information please call Tori on 07760770628



Blends previously made for customers include:


Teas - Sweet Sleep, UTI Blend, Menopause, Hot Flushes, Constipation, Uplifting, Happy Everyday, Metabolism Boost, Immuno-support & Relaxation

70 grams  £15-00          140 grams £30-00

Bath - Anti-Inflammatory, Relaxation, Helpful Sleep, De-Stress/Anxiety Ease & Muscle Relaxation

140 grams  £20-00

Oil - Cramp Ease, Muscle Relaxation, Tummy Calm, Digestive/Acid reflux Ease & Verruca removal 

7.5ml  £5-00     10ml  £10-00    15ml  £20-00

Body Butters/Creams - Woman's Blend, Soothing, After Wax/Shave

60ml Glass Jar £20-00

(Prices may vary due to the herbs and oils used in each blend) 


Tori is a qualified Medicinal Herbal Practitioner and is fully insured through Balens Health Professionals Insurance (Full public, professional & products Liability cover)

And is a member of  the British Herbal Medicine Association

All herbs used are hand harvested and dried, organic and support The British Soil Association.

Get in touch!


Tori's Pure Health &

The Secret Hippy Pagan Shop

Unit3, Blake Craft Centre,

Blake End,




CM77 6SH


Phone: 07760770628



Tori's Pure Health & Wellness Centre

Tori - Monday & Thursday

(Treatments available by appointment only)

The Secret Hippy Pagan Shop

Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

 Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm

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